Monday, November 17, 2008

My Addictions: Crate & Barrel

Are there stores that you purposely avoid? Do you resist the magnetic pull of the window display only to be hooked on the siren song of the cash register ringing sale, sale, sale? Well, I was at Montgomery Mall on Sunday. I went for a meeting and should have left after it, but I'd never been in this place before. I was curious.

I walk cautiously out of Nordstrom. Not knowing what to expect. There's no Lane Bryant or Avenue so I feel reasonably safe. You can tell when the holidays are approaching when the See's candy booths start arriving. I bought a few butterscotch lollipops. Okay, 2 bucks. I'm fine. Then I see it.

That's right, Crate and Barrel. I start talking to myself. I should just turn around and high tail it out of the mall. Wait, it can't hurt to look. I could do a post on what's available for the holidays. I step closer. They have a great lighting system. It's sort of like a spotlight in certain area, dimmer in others. I am in and I get a buzz. That should have been my warning to leave. I ignore it. I can handle this. It's just a store. There's no gun to my head. I'm filled with shame as I practically start sallivating at the sight of all the shiny rows and bins filled with cookie cutters so tiny and cute as well as gadgets of all kinds. I do a circuit avoiding the things I know for certain I cannot afford. I'm almost out the door when I see them. Glasses for 95 cents each. I am almost out the front door when they start calling me. Damn, I could feel the hook dragging me back into its recesses. It felt like an out of body experience as I heard myself ask for a potato ricer (needed one, was on sale) and the glasses. With my purchases promptly paid for, I beat a hasty retreat from the mall. I didn't want to repeat that same madness in another store.

Have you ever had an out of body shopping experience? Are there stores that you absolutely love that cause you to lose all control? BTW, my little trip only cost $28 and the items will be used regularly. Tell me about your additions. You know what they say, "Confession is good for the soul".


DramaQueen said...

I am an equal opportunity impulse shopper. I've gone into Harry and David's (which I'd never gone into before) and spent $25 on stuff I absolutely didn't have to have. I mean, who needs a peach cobbler mix that was a) too expensive and b) not that good and two jars of salsa billed at a steal at $4.50 each? Apparently, I do. Which is why I generally stay out of the mall. I have crow's eyes, not just crow's feet. I am way too attracted to shiny things.

AJ said...

It was the first time I'd been in a mall in months. I tend not to go. And I try to avoid places like Crate and Barrel to start with.

Mrs. L said...

I love Crate and Barrel. And Williams Sonoma. And Target. Cost Plus World Market. I need to stay far away from these stores if I want to have any money left in my checking account.