Thursday, June 16, 2011

What Are You Afraid Of?

A good friend asked me this question Tuesday night.  Well, a couple of things put fear in my heart to include failure, lack of employment (money), ridicule and some other things I can't name now.  However, there is something I want and it's not just want.  I need it.  I need the freedom to be the baker I want to be.  Baking, creating flavor combinations, and feeding/serving people are a part of me.  It's time I looked to it instead of running from it. 

On Wednesday, I spoke with one of the most centered people that I know.    We spoke of my fear how it is the stick jamming up the wheel of life.  And that is what I have let it do to my life.  Fear has kept me paralyzed and stunted my creativity and freedom.  For the first time in my life, I felt like I was seeing it clearly.  

Yesterday, I also spoke to someone who had been where I am.  Her advice was to keep working, but not to give up my dream.  Be patient, have a plan, and start making my fledgling business grow.   She encouraged me to stay focused and offered her support.

Being successful is about having the right tools, good motivation/motivators, and passion.  I now have some of the components that I know I was lacking.  Now, I'm not going out and quitting my job, but I am going to mine my potential and make my dreams come true.  I will keep the channels of communication open with those who help feed my passion for cookies, cakes, pies and assorted baked goodies.  I want to one day in the near future bring the tastiest products to all of my family, friends and fans!

What are you afraid of?  What is your dream?  Where does your passion lie?  What are you doing to make it a reality?  Have  you gotten complacent and caught up like I did?  Let's talk about it.

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