Friday, April 26, 2013

A Light Lunch

Don't these look cute!  This is a trio of pot roast sliders served at Houlihan's in Springfield.  TY and I went there last week.  You get this triple shot of deliciousness for $9.50.  There is something about pot roast that I cannot resist.  Is it the slow cooking?  Is it that tangy, tasty gravy so silky smooth coatig each bite?  Could it possibly be the unexpected bite of fried onions?  I won't fail to mention that glistening sweet brioche bun.  I have to be honest it isn't any one thing.  It is the harmonious blend of each component culminating in a delectably satisfying midday snack. 

To accompany that pot roast platter, I added the mini cheeseburger and the trucker fries.  The cheeseburger was overcooked.  That's all that needs to be said about that.  Now, those fries are a different story.  They were hot and tasty.  And you can see these are no wimpy potatoes.  The chipotle cheese sauce was a slightly spicy delight.  The only thing that could have made them better would have been crispy bacon bits. 

What's a delicious lunch without something cool to wash it down?  Again, Houlihan's did not disappoint.  These wonderful concoctions are their mango (top) and pomeganate (bottom) iced teas.  I'm not usually one for flavored teas.  Iced tea should be sweet.  Period.  However, I didn't want soda and an adult beverage was out of the question.  They were cold and sweet without being cloying.  We were able to taste the fruit in our respective choices. 

I must say that I'll be going back to Houlihan's again!

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