Thursday, April 4, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

April is an incredibly busy month in my world for birthdays.   And the month started off with this joker right here on April 1st.  I find that my family and friends are very important to my cooking/baking process.  My friend, DR, has been a faithful recipe tester and taster.  His feedback has been invaluable as has his friendship.  Normally, I would make him a rum cake for his birthday, but this year I did something a little different.  I gave him a gift that he can share with his children.  You see, DR is a really good cook and a decent baker.  So, I gave him one of my favorite blondie mixes and my homemade cocoa.  He'll use them as a fun activity with his cute kids. 
But DR's bday is just the tip of the iceberg, one of my best buddies from college will be another year older come this Saturday.  He's really chill though and doesn't get really excited about his born day like I do.  His favorite cake of choice is coconut.  This is one of the reasons I love him so much.  He's the only person I know besides myself that would choose this.   I have made him one or two over the years.  It's a great feeling to do something to make someone else happy.
PT's birthday is followed by my sis and husband, TY on the 7th and MJ on the 8th.  These are the hardest birthday celebrations ever.  Neither one of them can agree on what they'd like to do.  As I get older and life gets more hectic, I just cannot do the separate dinner and cake thing anymore.  We've asked and asked what they want.  If they are not careful, they'll be having a birthday dinner at Chuck E. Cheeses.  No, seriously though, I beginning to think a nice steak dinner, a bottle or two of our favorite beverages, and some cupcakes. 
See, I've got to get a better handle on my budget as well as what we eat.  April is a great month to do it.  Spring hasn't quite sprung, but it's coming.  Many of my favorite people were born in this month.  Being around longer to bug, love, and make them smile is powerful motivation to start doing what's right for this body.  So, if you have an April birthday, best wishes from me to you!!!! 

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