Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hi, My Name Is

AJ and I'm a control freak. This first week on Jenny Craig hasn't been easy, but the hard part doesn't lie in eating the food. Or at least not most of it. Come on, soup should taste like the ingredients not water. I haven't been sleeping well since I started the program. I wake up at about 11 every night hungry. It takes me hours to get to sleep. I can't just get up and go in the kitchen and fix a snack. What's a girl to do?

Well, I suck it up. I eat the food that I'm supposed to eat. My consultant called me and we talked about what I was eating when I was eating. More importantly, why am I hungry. Well, we discovered that I like to chew my food. The act of chewing connects me to my meal and makes it more satisfying. So, we switched a few things around.

Okay, you want to know what makes me a control freak. Well, I prefer to choose my own meals. If I want something, I should be able to have it. Unfortunately, I would eat the whole thing. That's not good. If I truly excerised control, then I wouldn't need Jenny Craig.

So, what brought this on. Well, I had an unplanned dining experience. MJ and I went to Subway after dropping off a prescription at CVS. We went for his dinner. It was too close to our normal time for dinner. So, I took half his sandwich and we split the Diet Coke and Sun Chips. As meals goes, this wasn't too bad. I will be sticking as close to my weekly meal plan as possible.

Week 1=4 pound loss

How is your health plan going? What kind of changes are you making? Have you experienced any unplanned dining experiences?


Mrs. L said...

Wahoo, four pounds in one week is awesome!

We got some new dealy on our iphones called Lose It. Tracks our calories and exercise. I have yet to stay under my daily calorie limit. Sigh. I'm AMAZED at how quick calories add up so it's been a struggle to choose what's best to eat. We babysat the godkids last night and their mom bought us all KFC for dinner. 404 calories for ONE chicken thigh? Yikes. But adding it into the system and being accountable for it made me eat much less than I usually would have.
Did I mention four pounds is awesome? :)

Oatmeal Cookie Guy said...

Congrats! Starting is the hardest part.


Alejandra said...