Tuesday, February 3, 2009


is supposed to be the most important meal of the day. That being said. You should choose wisely when making your selection. I thought I had. Jenny Craig offers a variety of breakfast options from muffins to cereals (hot and cold) to egg sandwiches and platters. Well, when looking at my weekly menu, I thought breakfast scramble cool. I'm not too keen on eggs, but I thought there'd be something in there to make it good. The box said it has egg white product. That should have been my first clue. Does that mean real egg whites? What is an egg white product? The rest of the ingredients were turkey ham (better than turkey bacon), diced potatoes (cool), and cheese/cheese sauce (this rocks). In reality, this thing bit the dust. Since when does egg white look rubber ducky yellow? The ham had a nice bacony flavor, but it was the only redeeming thing in there. The potatoes were super chewy and flavorless. And the cheese stuck like melted rubber bands to the bottom of the bowl.

To be fair, there was a fairly good portion of food. It just wasn't as good as the maple nut hot cereal or the sunshine sandwich. I'll check next week's plan to see if it's on there. I'll be exchanging it for something a little more palate pleasing.

How do you like your eggs? What do you add to them? Can you fry it w/o breaking the yolk? Hit me back with your response. I'll keep you posted on JC.


Mrs. L said...

I like my eggs over hard, so I never have to worry about NOT breaking the yolk :)

Alas, I love eggs but never have enough time to make them before work. I haven't tried the ole microwave the eggs yet though.

The taste of the food is what has worried me about JC or NS. I'm making notes on what you say is good just in case we decide to do this!

My life in 2009 said...

I love my eggs over easy and I can cook them without breaking the yolk. Place it on toast and yum yum runny egg sandwich!

Angry Asian said...

i like eggs sunny side up with soy sauce. side of chinese sausage and warm french bread.