Monday, April 21, 2008

Hi, My name is AJ

and I'm addicted to shopping. Okay, not just any shopping. I'm addicted to grocery shopping. I try to avoid the circulars. It's not easy. I'm limiting those quick "we need a carton of milk' runs. Those are hazardous to a girl's bank account and willpower. Inevitably, the carton of milk turns into a package of meat that has been marked down, loss leaders such as pasta (88 cents a box), package of BOGO hot dogs. For the uninitiated, BOGO means buy one get one as in buy one get one 50% off or free. Preferably free. Now, the stores are doing something diabolical to get me in the doors. The are offering Buy two, get three free. How am I not supposed to cave under such pressure. So, how do I combat this? Well, the first question is can I afford to go to the grocery store? What do I really need? Do we have th space? There's nothing worse than getting everything home and then you can't put it all away.

I have tried Peapod grocery delivery. I liked it but they kept screwing up my delivery. It kept me out of the store and I was able to monitor my budget a little better. There were no distractions like pudding for 80 cents.

What are your vices? What are your methods for maintaining your sanity in the grocery store? What happens if the list fails?

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