Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Some Nights I Just Don't Feel Like Cooking

Okay, most nights for the past month or two, I have not felt like cooking. And that's just awful considering I love food and cooking. My intent when I arrived home was to prepare saucy turkey meatballs. Unfortunately, life had other plans. MJ and I ate some more of the sliders I had prepared and were prepping to drop off some glass to a friend's brother. There wasn't enough time to start cooking as we waited for said friend to call with the logistics. That threw off my evening. Eight at night is no time to really cook. I will say that it did give me time to relax. By nine, my cooking mojo was back. I stepped in the kitchen and prepared the red velvet cupcakes I've been wanting for two weeks. While the cupcakes are Duncan Hines, the Kahlua cream cheese frosting I will make tonight is from scratch.

Hey, I was on a roll so I decided to boil a dozen eggs for a quick snack in the evenings and to take to work for breakfast. Not content to stop there, I had one more chicken breast that I decided to pair w/smooth peanut butter, a can of chicken broth, a can of coconut milk and red curry powder. Soup! The soup lacked meat so I steamed some frozen shrimp and tossed it in. I have a tasty lunch to look forward to today.

What do you do when you don't feel like cooking and the thought of calling Papa, Valentino's, Ralph's, etc.? What inspires you to cook? What is your guilty pleasure? Do you need a recipe for all of your meals or are you as off the cuff as I am?


DramaQueen said...

I'm usually inspired by having a taste for something and not knowing how to satisfy that taste. I like adapting recipes. The basic recipe gives me an idea and then I can take off from there. Your soup inspired to look up recipes for African Chicken Stew which uses sweet potatoes and peanut butter and chicken broth. That'll be my weekly lunch soup next week.

ramona said...

I can totally relate about not wanting to cook sometimes. With food blogging, there's pressuer to cook, compose, photograph and the thing is-after that's all said and done, you've got to clean up!!
Some nights, I order Chinese, Thai and even......Domino's!!