Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Want to Be Left Alone

Not really, but there are some days where I want my kitchen all to myself. I'm a temperamental cook. Many would say that I'm a PITA. It's just that I consider the kitchen my haven. It's where I go to create, to destress/relax, to fume or vent. What I cook will depend on my mood. I bake when I am happy. I love to pound chicken breasts or steak if I am angry. I've learned never to bake bread when I'm angry or sad. It won't turn out right. Something about the dough absorbing my feelings. Yes, I am a firm believer in love makes the food taste better. If you don't love what you do or the people you do it for, the it just won't be as good.

I've got two scenarios for you. A friend asked me to make cookies for her networking party. I was reluctant, but I saw it as an opportunity to meet new people for my own ventures. I need enough cookies, etc. for roughly 60 people. What to do? I could have done something fancy, but instincts told me to prepare things that I loved and was good at. They were a hit. Sure my time was limited, but I genuinely liked the person I was baking for and I had fun doing it. I had help from MJ and TY (my sister).

A few nights ago, I got a phone call to make cookies for a similar event. I said yes against MJs better judgment. I had too much on my plate to do the same caliber job. I called the requestor back and thanked him for thinking of me, but I'd rather not do a half-assed job. I didn't have the same time as the first. He understood so I do hope there'll be a next time. The smart thing for me to do as a lesson is to be like the boy scouts and always be prepared. I will freeze some cookie doough so that I can get the job done w/o sacrificing the quality.

What kind of cook are you? Are you a solo artist or part of a duo or group? Do you put a little love in what you do? If not, you should. Life will be so much sweeter that way. Are you a slacker like me or are you a boy scout? Are you ever ready for whatever life brings?

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