Tuesday, June 17, 2008


MJ and I decided that we wanted to start living a healthier lifestyle. What does that mean for a girl who lists butter and sugar as two of her favorite ingredients? Does it mean she has to banish them forever or can she learn to use them judiciously? Does low calorie mean low taste. Not if I can help it.

Have I seen the last of my fast food favorites? Probably. Let's face it. McDonald's and like places may offer low fat and healthier options, but is that really what we go in there for? No. I'll learn to make healthy versions of hamburgers and pizza. I'm thinking that a 50/50 burger of lean ground turkey and ground sirloin on a whole wheat pita with lettuce and vine ripe tomatoes from a trusted sourc will be better than my beloved Big Mac. I have to look at this as a good challenge rather than deprivation.

What have I got to lose beside the love handles and extra chin? Nothing. What have I got to gain? Better health, increased flexibility, a smaller dress size. So, what is my motivation? A trip to Puerto Rico.

Have you embarked on a lifestyle change? If so, what were the changes you made? What was your motivation? How did you adapt your food favorites to fit your new life or did you give them altogether?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Alicia,

I say good for you! Little changes can really add up. I decided a little over a year ago to loose weight. I traded in the Wendy's Baconator for a single and started making salads for dinner every night instead of ording in bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwiches. I also started going to the gym. It was incremental, though: starting with 20 minutes on the bike and then slowly working up to 35 minutes on the elliptical machine. It will take about a month to settle into a routine, but the effort will be worth it.

I got lazy for a couple months and gained some weight, but I'm back on the wagon again...

And you can still get pleasure from baking tasty things...just bring those delectables into work so that everyone else eats them. That's worked for me!

0h...I gave you a shout out on my blog. So tag, you're it!