Thursday, June 5, 2008

Time to Tighten Our Belts

Housing prices are sinking. Gas prices are rising. Food packaging is shrinking. Everyone is saying I can't wait for things to change/go back to normal. Well, this is normal. It is normal to experience peaks and valleys in life. We just happen to be headed into the valley. Yes, I am concerned as I like to spend my money on food. As I said before, the packaging is shrinking. Consider how much we as Americans overconsume, this wouldn't be a bad thing if the prices hadn't gone up at the same time. We grouse about a gallon of gas being $4. Imagine this for a minute. A gallon of nonpremium ice cream is over $7.

I've decided that a lifestyle change is in order. I want to eat healthier. I also want to be more financially responsible. I guess that means gallons of nonpremium ice creams are out. I think that I can still put a nutritious meal on the table without gouging my piggy bank. One of my biggest helpers will be the ginormous upright freezer I own.

1. Scour the ads for grand opening events. You will find special bottom basement prices on high ticket items.

2. Stock up on non-perishable pantry items like flour, sugar, canned veggies and pasta.

3. Hang out with my family and friends from home with large vegetable gardens and fruit trees. I will barter baked goods and other services (cleaning, babysitting) for fresh fruit and veggies that I can freeze for later.

4. Know when a deal isn't a deal. If I purchase a healthy sounding product that no one will eat, that's a waste of money.

5. Learn to make healthy treats such as granola bars, sorbets, etc.

Just because I want to be frugal and healthy doesn't mean I have to sacrifice good taste or nutrition. Tell me ways that you can your budget, but still add flavor to your diet.

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