Monday, June 30, 2008

OOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! PEACHES!!!!!

I went out of town this weekend. I had a job to do. No, I wasn't going to whack somebody. Although I must say that as I passed through a certain part of town, I sure felt like it. I digress. The job I was going to do wasn't incredibly hard. All I had to do was cut and slice peaches. My friend, MD, has a mini-orchard. He has spent the past few weeks canning apricots as whole fruit, jam and preserves. Well, this week it was time for the peaches. For my time, I would be rewarded with jars filled with sweet, sticky, and delicious fruit. I set to work. For any of you who have spent time in a kitchen set up for canning, you know it was hot as Hades in there.

As I sat there with my friends, I thought how this is how life must have been 100 years ago. Canning was not a solitary event. It involved family and neighbors coming together to stock up and preserve for the winter months and any hard times that were to come. What I once thought was a dying art has seen a revival this year. Mason jars/Ball jars are becoming hard to find as people are preparing for lean times due to what might be an impending recession. I was happy that MD allowed me to share in his bounty.

My peaches are destined to become the basis for smoothies. My plan is to use the sweet flavored syrup as a base for homemade liquers. Some of the peaches may even find their way into turnovers made from puff pastry or a glaze for pork chops. I was delighted when MD said that I could also have some plum jam and apricot preserves and jam as well. Sweating profusely in the summer heat can be deeply rewarding when shared with friends and food.

How do you like your peaches? Do you have any ideas for what to do with my luscious fruity booty?

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Vera said...

What I'm planning to do with mine is Peach and Prosecco Gelatina. I stumbled upon this recipe in Gina De Palma book, and found it intriguing.
But the recipe doesn't utilize many of those...
They are great roasted, over the ice cream...