Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's a Dinner Emergency

Of course, it was another clueless night for dinner. What do we have that wouldn't take more than 15 minutes? Well, we were going to split two chicken wings and have some ramen noodles. Then I remembered how ramen bowls worked. I had a beef tenderloin that I'd left at my MIL's last month. Don't worry, it was in the freezer. I cooked three packs of ramen, added one seasoning pack, a couple of tbsps. of soy sauce and sesame oil, added some thinly sliced beef, and topped with dried chives. The hot broth cooked the thin sliced beef in no time. It was one of the most satisfying meals we had in a while.

Have you ever doctored your ramen? What do you add? What would you add? I can't wait to add this to my planned meal repertoire. BTW, I got that tenderloin on sale. Gotta love the clearance bin.


beej said...

yuuuuuummmmmmm. Can I come over? My dinner emergency tonight turned into frozen pizza - and who wants to eat left over frozen pizza? Only had 10 mins. between grocery run and debate tonight. I'll have to remember your meal tonight for future reference.

red_wagon said...

That sounds soo good! You're so creative! I used to live off ramen in college, and then I hit saturation. Now my go-to meal is usually mac n cheese! Or French toast.

AJ said...

Beej-You are welcome anytime.

Red-Are you talking about the stuff out of the box or that you can just pop into the microwave?

Angry Asian said...

aj -
i ended up having instant noodles last night too but i was feeling very lazy. i just boiled an egg and used that as garnishment. i just was not in the mood to be chopping up meats and veggies. it was one of those nights. :)

Anonymous said...

I got your care package last night. THANKS! The cookies are really yummy.

I read somewhere that you can make ramen burgers--using cooked but cooled noodles, an egg, some green onions, and bread crumbs (I think).

Garnet said...

My favorite (actually, only) use for ramen is under stir fry when I'm in too much of a hurry to make brown rice. 3 minutes beats out 45 and the veggies/tofu don't take long. Got the idea from a local restaurant chain that calls it "Larry, Moe & Curly."