Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Momma's Gonna Have a Brand New Gig

*hummed to the tune of Papa's Got a Brand New Bag*

Seriously, I have a new part time gig. I will be a blogger for the I'll be writing about DC's dining scene. More specifically, I will focus on out of the way places, hidden gems, ethnic food and various food stores. I won't just talk about food I've eaten. I'll also provide party ideas and quick meal tips. I just need to send in my photo, a short bio and the form for a background check. That should be no problem.

Wish me luck!


Mrs. L said...

Wahoo, congrats, what a great little gig!

Anonymous said...

Huzzah! Congratulations!

Angry Asian said...

what a great gig for you!! i am so happy and JEALOUS. getting paid to blog?! how fun.

GOOD LUCK, i'll definitely have to read the examiner now! :)

AJ said...

To be honest, I couldn't have done it w/o the oatmealcookieguy. He and my friend, dramaqueen, encouraged me to start this blog. DQ also encouraged me to apply for a position. W/O them I'd still just be sharing my thoughts w/a few friends. I just need to get the bureaucratic stuff out of the way and I'm all set. I'll keep you posted on my 'start' date.

AA-Let me know some of your favorite places to eat here. I'll include some of them and give you a shout out and the proper cred.

mrs. l-Looks like I'll need the coaching more than ever.

OCG-I'm trying to be in your town on Sat., Oct. 11. Would love to hit an out of the way place while there.

Anonymous said...

Darnit! I'm going to be in Massachusetts that weekend for the cranberry harvest festival. :-(

I'll have to send you a list of some places to check out.