Thursday, October 16, 2008

Okay, So It's Been Living Up to Its Name

I really have been slacking around here. Trust me it wasn't intentional. We've been doing some pantry eating as well as checking out some spots for my new job. Once I get on a schedule, I'll be back in my kitchen in no time. Of course, I'll be in there in a few weeks preparing meals for a couple of friends who are expecting their first child. When little Neil comes into the world, his mom and dad will have their hands full. My gift to them will be food that they can put into the oven and heat. There will be no chopping, peeling, boiling, steaming, etc. It's also a fun gift for me to give. I'll work with them to find out what some of their favorite things are. I'll also prep some cookie dough for them. They'll have goodies in no time for family and friends who pop over to see the little one.

Have you ever given a gift of food? Or received a gift of food? If so, what are some of your favorites? I'm looking for ideas beyond lasagna and other pasta casseroles. Any suggestions would be greatly appreicated.

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Eve said...

Well, somebody just gifted my Mom with some very delectable "dream bars", a crunchy assortment of coconut, graham crackers, pecans, etc., shaped into tiny squares. They were sooo good! These are quick bites if your friends are on the "eat and run"; they can serve as a light dessert with icecream and actually as a quick breakfast bar once in awhile.

Also, there's a dozen variations (some have walnuts)...I don't think any two recipes are exactly alike.

Happy baking!