Friday, September 19, 2008

The Most Important Meal of the Day

From a few of my posts, you'd think that would be lunch. While lunch is an important meal, I like to begin each day with breakfast. It started in childhood and just seems to be one of those habits that I will not break. My mom used to fix TY and I a hot breakfast everyday before taking us to meet the school bus. And with two kids with two different tastes, she made what each of us wanted. I didn't know how good I had it. I always appreciated it, but the significance of it eluded me until recently. She wanted to send us off properly fed and if that meant making oatmeal for her baby girl and scrambled eggs for her big girl then that's what she did. She didn't have time for any tantrums or not feeding us. I'm not going to lie. I like cold cereal and the more sugar the better, but there's something about a hot breakfast made with love to reallly get your day going.

So, now that I'm a working woman, how do I start my day you ask? Is it a drive through getting whatever hockey and grease bomb that's served cheaply? Or a cup of overpriced liquid fruit iced up and full of sugar? Okay, on occasion I do indulge in a greasy biscuit from the Evil Clown or down a power smoothie from one of the many purveyors near campus. For my money and my health though, I go with a breakfast classic, OATMEAL. You can't beat it for cost or nutrition. It is amenable to a variety of add-ins and flavorings. My favorite is to make a banana walnut cookie. I use sliced banana, walnut pieces, brown sugar, and cinnamon. It's simple and delicious.

What kickstarts your day? Or do you function on black coffee? Do you prefer a lumberjack breakfast or something small like yogurt and a piece of fruit? Well, however you start your day, don't forget to share it with me. It might be something new for me to try.


Mrs. C said...

Breakfast is a must in my house. I start most of my days with a cup of coffee, cream and sugar, 1/2 of a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and a banana. It's quick, easy, and provides me great energy. I'll mix it up with eggs or cream of wheat when time permits. If all else fails, I'll have a bowl of cereal.

Angry Asian said...

coffee is a must. depending on the week, i might have a slice of whatever bread i made over the weekend. sometimes, a granola bar, i went thru a cereal kick last summer... this summer i went thru a yoghurt smoothie kick, made one every morning. i try to eat something for breakfast but it's hard sometimes.

Mrs. L said...

I would prefer a hot breakfast. But I am NOT a morning person and will not get up those few extra minutes to make anything. I grab some instant (sugar free) oatmeal or yogurt with some fruit or my favorite staple, a couple of hard boiled eggs. Coffee is hit or miss, I might make some when I get to work...or not.

nikolai said...

i have to wake up at ridiculous wtf 'o clock AM since i'm a chef + patissier and i'm rarely hungry that early. i just settle my tummy with tea...then i graze throughout the day...and leave off the major eating to dinner, which my boyfriend whips up. its usually something like roasted white fish wrapped in smoked bacon with lemon mayo and asparagus or crispy chicken with spiced plum chutney.

AJ said...

Mrs. C-You've got a heck of a schedule. You need the fuel. Oooo, peanut butter on a banana would be a great way to start the day. I have added peanut better to my oatmeal, too. I need the protein.

Lan-The weekends are hard for me b/c I don't want oatmeal, but I don't feel like cooking.

Mrs. L-I'm not a morning person either, but I'd be a bear w/o breakfast.

Nikolai-You're a chef. Where?