Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I think that we have already established that I have a sweet tooth. I'm thinking that I might need a support group for my problem. Hi! My name is AJ and I'm addicted to sugar. And I'm a little picky about my sugar delivery system. I know that sodas, juice drinks, lemonade and limeade are generally sugar laden substances, but this just doesn't cut it. I need something I can sink my teeth into. I like cookies, cakes, candy-bars, drops, pieces as long as it's sweet, brownies and pie. And yes, there's a pecking order. I prefer cake with lots of rich buttercream frosting followed by brownies, cookies then candy bars, pieces, well you get the picture. What's wrong with pie you say? Nothing is wrong with pie. I will definitely eat pie. But I'm even pickier about pie. I like cream pies, meringue pies, chess pies, nut pies, custard pies, but not fruit pies. I generally see fruit as a sweet treat unto itself. Of course, there's that whole texture thing. I like my apples to be crunchy and my pears, too. No cherries or berries should ever go into my pie or be used for cake filling. It's overwhelming. And you make a mess.

There is one fruit that I don't mind having baked in a crust. As I hang my head in shame, this is a simple indulgence that I know you'll tease me about. I Love Fig Newtons! If you get a fresh box, they are irresistible with their double whammy of an ever so moist filling and a not too sweet cookie. Those things are like Lays, you can't eat just one or two or twelve. I mean you open a box and the next thing you know it's empty. I try not to buy them, but that damn CVS had the snack boxes on sale for a buck a piece this week. I had no willpower. I bought two. The first box lasted 18 hours before I couldn't take it anymore and tore into it. Do you think I can make it til the end of the week before box two is only a distant memory?

Do you have a sweet tooth? Is there a dessert or treat that calls your name like a siren luring sailors to crash on the shore? Or are you one of those people who doesn't care for sweets at all? Would love to hear from you!


Pam said...

I love fig newtons but I LOVE cherry pie and German chocolate cake with coconut pecan frosting. I am also a huge cookie girl.

Angry Asian said...

i just finished off a package of fig newtons last night. remember those commercials in the 80s where they kinda break the newtons and then they piece it back together??? um. i'm 30 and i still do that! lord know why, it's not like they're REALLY pieced together!

i try not to have any sweets in the house. with the whole budgeting thing right now, i also by pass the cookie aisle. but just a few weeks ago, i made a chocolate tofu pie that i was ok with eat because it's TOFU. if we ever meet and you make it to bmore, i'll make it for us to consume without guilt. :)

AJ said...

Pam-I love German Chocolate cake as well. It's my second favorite behind coconut.

AA-The first pack is gone. We'll see the second box goes.

Mrs. L said...

Can't say that I have a sweet tooth...I'm a salt person, put chocolate and chips out and I'll go for the chips every time. But I've also never met a cookie or sugar dessert that I've turned down if offered!