Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No Dinner Makes AJ An Unhappy Girl!

Yes, it's true. Tonight, there will be no dinner for me. I have a meeting to go to that will destroy any hope of enjoying the gastronomic delights that TY and I might prepare for dinner. Those Asian inspired wings would have been good alongside some green beans sauteed in garlic butter. I can smell it now. No, my pleasures will be put on hold until tomorrow. In the meantime, what is a girl to do? I mean I can't willfully skip a meal. That would make me cranky. That's not a good idea as I am hot enough as it is over this meeting. Should I head over to 7-11 where the hot dogs and other items look like they've been petrifying since 1976? Should I much on saltines and swig Pepsi like I was waiting on the dock for a fish to bite? I think my best plan of action is to eat one of the frozen dinners that's in the freezer at work. That won't make less angry, but it will somewhat fill my tummy. And that's what it's all about.

Does lack of nourishment affect your mood? How? Share, we'll compare notes.


Angry Asian said...

i get cracky because rather than get more hungry as the time goes, my stomach starts to hurt and i'm done for.

you could always make some kicked up ramen noodles when you get home! :)

Mrs. L said...

Oh yeah, lack of food makes me one cranky girl. My husband is careful to make sure I eat in the morning if we are going somewhere and I won't be feed in a while.

As far as what to do? Heck, I'd be the first one in line getting me some Jack in the Box tacos or some KFC!(Though your Asian beans and wings sound better :)

AJ said...

Lan-I'd love some ramen, but I get home at roughly 7 and the meeting starts at 7:15. I think we may order in b/c it's going to be a long night.

Mrs. L-I miss Jack in the Box!!!!

Anonymous said...

I get grumpy and tired. And then when I do have something to eat, I gorge myself and complain about how gross I feel. Yes...I *literally* bellyache. No fun there!