Friday, May 30, 2008

I've Hit a Slump

It's one thing to be a slacker in the kitchen. I mean looking for shortcuts is an artform for someone who likes to cook and/or eat. But, I don't even feel like looking for a shortcut or a cheat these days. I just don't feel like doing it. One of my friends says, "Maybe you're just tired." Tired?? I get about ten hours of sleep a night. I don't have a physically demanding job. Yes, I do make variations on themes of some pretty basic things. Really, how many ways can you make mashed potatoes.Come on, they're still mashed potatoes even if you add truffle oil, raspberry seeds or miracle fruit. I've jazzed up meatloaf with cheese, bacon, spinach, refried beans. Not all at the same time, mind you.

Maybe, I've watched too much Food Network or America's Test Kitchen. Read one too many magazine. Could be I'm just on food overload. Most of the blogs I read are food related. (Okay, so I don't so much read them as drool over the pictures). Could this be what is causing my block? There are too many recipes that would require too much of my time. Is that it? I've been frozen in my tracks by the sheer volume of food literature, etc. out there. I can see that.

Now, that we've kinda diagnosed my problem. What are we going to do to fix that? Hmmmm, why don't I try a new recipe or two? Maybe that will help ease this food funk that I've been in. I think that my first ones will involve chicken. I want to try the steaming then baking to achieve a crispy crust ala buffalo wings. Then, I'm going to try a Japanese ginger chicken. That will require some frying (which I hate), but I'm up to the challenge. And just because I like dessert, I'll give red velvet sandwich cookies a try.

Stay tuned. I'll post my triumphs and tragedies here. Let me know what you do when you don't feel like cooking. What's the latest 'new' thing that you've tried? Was it good or just so-so? Join me in trying a new recipe each week. We can discuss the good, the bad and the inedible.

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