Monday, May 12, 2008

What Time Is Lunch?

It's 10:30 AM and my stomach is growling. I can't believe it. I had breakfast this morning. Okay, it was a bowl of Apple Jacks and 1% milk. And it was before 7 AM. Should I really be hungry? I had a bottle of water to go with it. This knowledge does nothing to appease the little monster in my tummy. I have a strawberry yogurt in my bag, but wouldn't you know that I left that damn spoon at home. Curses!!!! Oh well, I am sure someone will have mercy on me and give me one. I think there may be some crackers in my desk drawer. I wonder if they are still good. I'll try one and let you know. Hmmm, a little stale, but better than nothing. They should be enough to shut up the little monster for a couple of hours. It better be b/c that's all it's going to get.

Really, what time is lunch? Now seems a little early as I'll be here until 5:30. Hopefully, the stale crackers will tide me over. LOL! It's not like lunch is that big of a deal. It's some pizza rolls, cucumber slices, strawberries and a chocolate pudding. Geez, I eat like a teenager. It's nothing sophisticated today b/c I didn't feel like cooking after returning from my MIL's and the grocery store yesterday.

What do you fix for lunch when you don't have leftovers? Or do you prepare things specifically for lunches? What is your favorite lunch (homemade)?

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