Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Warning! Tantrum Ahead

I want a Weber Grill and a Green Egg! I want! I want! I want! *blogger stamps her feet and shakes her head* ARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH!!!!

It's my own fault that I can't have them. I live in a condo. And a backyard was a tradeoff for no utility bills (incl. in fee), no mowing, etc. It slipped my mind that I like to grill and smoke (meat that is). And electric just isn't the same. Nothing signals summer like the smell of beef (my meat of choice) sizzling on the grill. The pasta salad with chicken breast just tastes a little better with that perfect balance of seasoning and char. And fajitas. What can I say? Yes, I can fry or broil the steak, but it lacks the punch of flavor that a few soaked mesquite chips offers. Beef brisket, boston butt, and whole chickens smoked with cherry, mesquite, cedar or oak are just worlds away from their baked or roasted counterparts.

And pineapple grilled with a little brown sugar, cinnamon and rum makes a wonderful counterpart to a dish of vanilla ice cream. You'll never see a banana the same way again after it's been given a nice glaze on the grill. I could go on about the merits of fruit and grilling to say nothing of what open flames do to vegetables such as squash, eggplant or potatoes.

For now, at least for me, the art of the grill is just a distant memory or a future flash. Tell me your tales of the grill. I promise I won't get jealous or show up at your house in the middle of the night to cook my ribeye or baby back ribs.

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